Rocks&Stars @ Cave Romane

The Rocks&Stars @ Cave Romane Festival, an outdoor cultural stage, will become the centre of high-quality cultural and entertainment programs that will welcome the best names from the world of art. The Festival is held during summer in the striking scenography of the old Roman quarry Cave Romane in Vinkuran, which gave rise to one of the most beautiful European stone monuments, the Arena Pula.

A visit to Vinkuran also means a visit to the mystical Medulin Riviera, which inspires numerous tourists and lovers of the good life year after year. The luxuriant natural scenery of the Roman quarry is perfectly complemented by top performances of distinguished artists, leaving the audience breathless and making the experience a unique and unforgettable one. “Sensational”, “Powerful”, “Inspiring” were just some of the many impressions of delighted visitors.

The unique musical attraction of sophisticated expression, intensified by the mysterious scenography of the quarry, will surely be a real sensation. 

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